If You Don’t Smile During This Video Of A Baby Having A Meltdown Every Time A Book Ends, You’re A Goddamn Monster

Every now and then, I gotta post something my mom would enjoy. Like I have to give her some content to show her friends when they come over and ask “Now what is Matthew doing in New York again? Writing about bums and breasts?” and then my mom will show them the extent of my work: ass, tits, and cute little babies having a goddamn meltdown after his mommy finishes a book. I’m not saying I’m the voice of a generation, but I’m not not saying I’m the voice of a generation.

And I guess this video isn’t technically “bro,” but it is human. If something within you doesn’t wake up after seeing this, then you’re a goddamn sociopath or a member of ISIS or something. Now typically I hate babies with the passion of a thousand suns, but I’ve recently discovered that I have feelings deep in my plums and that acknowledging them every one in a while may help me actually have a deeper, fulfilling relationship with a woman. Jk lol.

“The snuggle is real” t-shirt. FUCKING ADORABLE.

When your girl says you can chill with your friends on a weekend night, then you realize something’s up…