This Baby Picture Of Donald Trump Taken In 1951 Sparked A Photoshop Battle And The Internet Is Officially Great Again

Look at little baby Donald in 1951! What a cute little shit, huh? Just kidding, Toddler Donny kind of looks like a dick. Like are you a baby or my accountant, can’t tell. Should I hand you a binky or my W-2’s? What did you do for fun at this tender age, Don: play with toys or read the classified ads in the New York Times? I couldn’t even venture a guess. And would it hurt to crack a smile, Donny? Was the photographer Mexican or something? I need to know what you’re doing with your hands. Was that planned or did you go off script? Also, that shirt is so fucking ugly a hipster in Brooklyn would buy it for $200 and wear it ironically. That hair is on point though, baby Donny. So fucking money and you don’t even know it.

Regardless, the interneters on Reddit have engaged in a photoshop battle of this 1951 baby Donny picture and they have truly outdone themselves this time.

Check out the best below or the entire thread here.

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