Dude Gets Pissed At Wife Over Divorce So He Took Out His Anger On Her Corvette

by 6 years ago

My Fox Philly

Divorce is never easy. Well, it’s easy when the two people involved just want to move on ASAP. It’s usually never easy.

Here’s a divorce that’s not going very well.  A 50-year-old man going through a bad divorce got so pissed at his estranged wife he dumped her prize possession into the Delaware River. It was a 1990 Corvette.

But the old bro was smart about it because he didn’t just Dukes of Hazzard the ride into the bottom of the drink. He didn’t want to die while trying to be an asshole. He pulled the car to the banks of the river and just gave it a gentle nudge. Plop.

The whole incident has the dude in some serious hot water that doesn’t come from the Delaware.

According to MyFoxPhilly, the incident happened by the Delaware River near the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge at around 4 p.m. local time on Monday. A rescue team was called in following concerns that the Corvette had an inhabitant inside. Later, the car, which was under 30 feet of water, was confirmed to be empty. Rescue workers said that the Corvette was in deep water, and they had to make sure that it was empty and there was no one inside it. After they had confirmed the vehicle was not occupied, a crane was used to lift the Corvette out of the water.

The man is still at large. The Corvette is dead, baby. The Corvette is dead.

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