This Badly Sunburned Dolphin Looks Like A Radioactive Mutant Struck By Lightning (Good News Is It’s Healing!)

Earlier in the Summer some photographs of a badly sunburned dolphin went viral because it looked as if that dolphin had been struck by lightning, it was some of the most bizarre patterns ever seen in the wild. If you’re wondering why in the hell I’m posting about a dolphin that’s been sunburned you’ll soon see from the photos/videos below that it’s one of the most peculiar injuries ever witnessed in the animal kingdom. Here’s one of the original photos taken from back in July:

Flash forward to present day and there’s reason to celebrate because the badly sunburned dolphin (who some didn’t expect to survive those burns) was photographed again and this time the dolphin’s crazy patterns only look mildly radioactive:

I’ve got two clips for you, one shows how much the dolphin has healed in the past two months and the other is the clip what went super viral the first time this dolphin was photographed

The healing:

The initial sunburn:

The BBC reports:

New images of a dolphin that was badly sunburned while stranded out of water on mudflats for 24 hours in May show that its injury is healing.
The young animal was found by chance at the Cromarty Firth by a couple who had got lost trying to drive to a dolphin-watching spot at the Moray Firth.
Scientists and conservationists were unsure the animal would survive the injury after it was refloated.
There are hopes the young female might eventually breed and raise young.

So this dolphin’s not out of danger yet but it sounds like it’s well on its way to recovery.

…(h/t GrindTV via the BBC)…