This Unauthorized Video of President Barack Obama Working Out is Pretty Intense

President Barack Obama took time out of his busy schedule to pump some iron in a five-star Polish hotel. The bravest human being in the world, Jean Ekwa, had the audacity to tape the president’s workout and post it to YouTube. Talk about bold-flavored moves.

The 90-second montage follows the leader of the free world as he yawns his way through a circuit routine. Evidently Obama is going for definition, not mass.

There has been much inner-office discussion about some of the form displayed. Our president’s lunges seem to be of particular concern to some of the more gym-savvy Bros. His inability to commit to a full shoulder press is also troubling.

Honestly, this is pretty much exactly what I expected Obama’s workout to look like. I can’t imagine anyone out there was harboring visions of the two-termer doing intense deadlifts or maxing out on the bench. Hardly seems the type, for better or worse.

[H/T: New York Post]