Old Man Wearing A Canadian Tuxedo And John Deere Hat Pulls A Big Ass Bass Outta The Water With His Bare Hands

The old man you see in the video above is Robert Earl Woodard, an author from backwoods Alabama who in addition to being a huge Auburn Tigers fan also has an affinity for rocking Canadian Tuxedos and a lucky John Deere cap. Who’s to say whether it’s the magical combination of Denim + Trucker Hat is what enabled this ol’ man to reach into that water and pull out a trophy largemouth bass with his bare hands, but I’m willing to bet it didn’t hurt his chances. Don’t believe me? Just try for a second to imagine a dude wearing a Hawaiian shirt + Havaianas flip flops pull off the same maneuver! You can’t, can you?

I feel the need to apologize here, bros. I really have not been publishing enough fishing content here on BroBible lately. There was a streak of many months where I was publishing fishing videos almost daily. Maybe it was a way for my subconscious to cope with the crippling winds of Winter, or maybe I’ve just fallen out of touch with the fishing world in the past few months. Either way, I have to tell you it was damn enjoyable searching through YouTube and seeing videos of ‘hand fishing’ while trying to confirm that this video was new and not an ancient internet relic.

Some highlights from my search include the follow videos:

And last but not least, this one’s a perfect look at just how it’s possible to catch a largemouth bass by hand:

For more on the man who caught the fish you can check out his website here.