This Bear’s So Good At Hockey That He Makes Ovechkin Look Like Kenan Thompson From ‘Mighty Ducks 2’

If you’ve seen Mighty Ducks 2 you might think that’s a compliment – but it’s not. Because if you’ve seen Mighty Ducks 2 and even know even a modicum of information about how sports work, you’d know that “knuckle puck” is possibly the dumbest move you could ever do during a hockey game. It’s a fast sport. Players are constantly moving around and beating each other up, whereas here:

Everyone just stops and stares at Kenan Thompson so he can set his shot up. Really guys? I’m pretty sure back in the locker room the coach was all like “Hey, if Kenan Thompson starts setting up a knuckle puck make sure you beat his ass down and slice his throat open with your skate…but for legal purposes I totally didn’t say that.” Then instead of following directions you go and stare at him with your dick hangin’ out while he scores? Cool guys, looks like it’s time for your coach to sub in that hockey playin’ bear if you ever wanna even dream of winning. At the very worst he’ll just eat the other team, in which case I’m not 100% familiar with the rules of hockey but I THINK that means you automatically win.