78-Year-Old Billionaire Face Palms Wife Of 57 Years Out Of Nowhere For Woman 20 Years Younger In Coldest Move Of 2016

harry macklowe

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Harry Macklowe, a 78-year-old billionaire real estate mogul who is developing the tallest residential building on the planet in Midtown Manhattan, recently divorced his wife of 57 years to galavant around with his French girlfriend nearly 20 years her junior.

According to Page Six, Macklowe blindsided his wife, Linda, last week with the divorce and told her he was seeing Patricia Landeau, president of the French Friends of the Israel Museum, a museum he and Linda frequently donated to. Harry and Patricia met at one of the museum’s events. Awkward.

Pictured: Harry and his now ex-wife.

Guggenheim International Gala Dinner Made Possible By Dior

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After the quick split, Macklowe then allegedly bolted to the Hamptons with his new squeeze (who has four children) to spend Memorial Day weekend in his $6 million home located right next to Martha Stewart’s.

It appears that Patricia made all her social media accounts private, so click HERE to check out pictures of her on Daily Mail. Very attractive 60-year-old.

Per Page Six:

“Harry told his wife last week he was divorcing her — completely out of the blue — then moved straight in with his girlfriend,” a source said. “This is a total shock to everybody because he’s been married to Linda a long time. Harry is almost 80, he’s been married for [almost] 60 years, and suddenly he has a girlfriend. And he’s been running around town and the Hamptons with her.”

Another source said, “He could have handled it better . . . it’s so in Linda’s face.”

As far as the nuances of the divorce go, there is a shitload at stake.

“This is going to be a blockbuster divorce: There’s a few billion dollars at play here, plus an astonishing art collection.” Harry and Linda’s art collection — spearheaded by Guggenheim Foundation trustee Linda — is worth a reported $1 billion and includes pieces by Franz Kline, Mark Rothko and Gerhard Richter.”

Does it get colder? I’m all for finding happiness and giving a large middle finger to what’s socially acceptable, but you don’t climb Mount Everest for nearly six decades with your supposed life partner and then kick her down the mountain right before you reach the summit. I’m baffled by Macklowe face palming his wife he married when fucking Eisenhower was President to go chase some younger tail when his dick probably has about as much life in it as a millennials iPhone battery on a camping trip. At some point you have to accept what you’ve got, you don’t start making trades to get younger right before the championship game. If anything, you tamper with potential signees on the side while fulfilling the needs of your current players. Don’t blow up the squad just because you want to get your wrinkly dick wet. Good God, poor Linda. Imagine finding out in the last chapter of your autobiography that your whole book was fiction. What an irreversible mind fuck.

[h/t Page Six]