Are The Burgers Made On ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Any Good? This Bro Cooks Them And Finds Out

In the latest episode of Binging With Babish, the fastest growing cooking show on YouTube, Andrew Rea is cooking burgers seen in FOX’s Bob’s Burgers. If you’ve ever seen an episode of Bob’s Burgers, and I’m assuming you have because you clicked this article, then you’ve seen how the specialty burger on Bob’s whiteboard constantly changes to a new puny burger.

The basis for this episode was to prove whether or not the pun-tastic burgers made up on Bob’s Burgers are actually worth a shit. As it turns out, most of the burgers are actually pretty darn delicious, at least according to Binging With Babish.

What’s most impressive about this clip is how YouTube chef Andrew Rea actually tracked down Black Garlic from Korea for one of his burgers. It’s ‘extremely expensive’ and given that I’m a sucker for throwing $$$$$ at high-end cuisine and don’t recall seeing black garlic on a menu I’ll just assume that it’s also pretty rare…Why would anyone put such a rare and expensive ingredient on a burger? Well, I guess we also have to ask why people are obsessed with Wagyu burgers and putting shaved truffles on everything.

Previous episode of Binging With Babish include him making all of the most famous foods from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (milksteak!!!!), and the ‘Big Kahuna Burger’ from Pulp Fiction.

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