This Bird Loves Elvis More Than You Love Your Mother, Has Moves Like Jagger, Is My New Goddamn Spirit Animal

This cockatoo loves Elvis. That bird loves ‘The King’. Look at that Australian Cockatoo, it really loves dancing to the music of Elvis Presley!….No matter how I state the obvious it still doesn’t do any justice to how incredible the love affair is between that bird and the music of Elvis. That bird loves those tunes more than you’ve ever loved anything in your life. That bird’s got sweeter dance moves than you at your best. What I’m trying to say here is this: everything about this cockatoo is incredible.

Lately I’ve been trying to temper back how often I post animal videos here on BroBible. There was a pretty long stretch where I was putting up 1-3 animals videos a day, and I felt that by the end of that run I was kicking a dead horse. This morning I posted a video of an adorable puppy with hiccups for the first time, trying to fight those hiccups off by growling and snarling. After that I told myself I was done for the day with animal content. Then this goddamn bird shows up, dances to the sweet rhythms of Elvis ‘The King’ Presley, and throws off my entire day. What am I going to do, avoid posting this badass bird and pretend like I didn’t just find my new spirit animal?

I hope the owner of that cockatoo knows that he’s living side-by-side with a legendary bird. Birds like that cockatoo are NOT a dime-a-dozen. I’m pretty sure if I was given the opportunity I’d pay like $3 to watch that bird dance for an entire song, $5 if it was a heavy metal song.

Just imagine these dance moves set to some heavy metal:

[Shout out to Tastefully Offensive for finding and sharing this video first]