Most American Fly Over Ever: Blue Angel Buzzes So Close To Florida Beach It Sends Umbrellas Flying Everywhere


Last weekend (7/11/15) on a beach in Pensacola, Florida the iconic Blue Angels showed up to give beachgoers a show. The spectacular aerobatics culminated with Blue Angel #5 buzzing so fast and so close to the beach that it sent umbrellas flying through the air, all while Floridians everywhere cheered in excitement. All badassery aside, that does actually look quite dangerous when Blue Angel #5 sends all those projectile umbrellas flying into the air and straight back down at beachgoers.

In general, a fly over or fly by needs to be 500-feet above spectators, but there are concessions depending upon the situation. Here’s a closer look at the aftermath of Blue Angel #5’s extremely low fly-by:

Now I’m no doctor, but I can’t imagine that taking an umbrella spike to the gut can be cured with just a little saltwater.

Here are some other glorious photos I tracked down on Instagram of the Blue Angels’ event on Pensacola Beach in Northwest Florida:

Now this just might the best most American fly over ever, but it’s certainly not the ‘closest’. This video from a few years back shows a fly-by in Argentina that’s so close to the ground the people filming are forced to hit the ground (here’s the pilot’s view):