The Boston Blizzard Challenge Consists Of Bros In Their Underwear Diving Into Massive Snowbanks



Bros love doing stupid stunts. I know I certainly do.

So with Murder Death Storm 2015 snowing in all of the Northeast, the best way to beat cabin fever is by doing something dumb. I think. Probably.

There’s certainly nothing dumber than stripping down to your underwear, diving into three feet of snow and uploading it to Vine with the hashtag #BostonBlizzardChallenge.

Let’s watch some.

(Major props to Tim Herrera for bringing this to my attention. This content would not exist without that man. You can follow him on Facebook here.)

This guy is the King of the Blizzard.

This one goes all in with a full dive.

You can find out more about this phenomena by reading the Washington Post’s summary of it.

Stay stupid, Bros.