Girl Finds Out Boyfriend Cheats On Her, Pulls Off Disgusting Revenge Plot That Screws With His Equally Gross Fetish

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During a segment based around getting revenge on cheating partners, a caller to This Morning told a story that’s so gross on multiple levels that we’ll have to break it down with rampant commentary in order to make sense of the whole thing:

She explained she discovered that her boyfriend, with whom she was besotted, was cheating with a colleague. She was devastated, and came up with a way to get her own back.

They were a loving couple who shared most things – but Abi’s boyfriend liked to take sharing to its limit: He had a penchant for sharing her bathwater.(via)

Sharing her bathwater? No, you’re making that up. Right? You’re definitely making that up, please tell me you’re—

The jilted ex revealed how her bloke used to demand she ‘leave the water in’ after she’d had a soak so that he could use it – then he’d bathe in her used water while cleaning his teeth.(via)

Ew dude what the hell. What if she was sweaty from going to the gym? Then your second-hand bathwater is full of grime and salt – and you’re brushing your teeth with that? And just because HE’S the one using the dirty water doesn’t mean SHE’S any better. She’s having sex with that guy – meaning that she’s having sex with a guy covered in her old skin flakes and dirt. He’s gross for doing it, but she’s just as nasty for letting him do it.

This used to gross her out initially – but this quirk of his was about to come into its own.

After discovering his unfaithful ways Abi took the ultimate revenge. Without letting on she knew about his infidelity, she took a soak in the tub, and offered up her bathwater for him to use afterwards.

But she left behind a surprise. She had weed in the water before she got out. Her cheating ex then went on to bathe – and brush his teeth – in her urine.

She said: ‘We’d got to a point where we were spending a lot of time together and I realised he had a revolting habit.

‘Every time I had a bath, he asked if I’d leave the bathwater in and he’d get in my bathwater – and he always brushed his teeth in the bath!

‘So he was brushing his teeth in my second-hand wee-infested bathwater.’(via)

Gross. Gross on so many levels and yet this chick was perfectly happy sharing with the entire world that she was okay with letting her boyfriend brush his teeth using her dirty bathwater, then revealing that she let him sit in her pee. This is the world we live in, and I hope to god I die of natural causes soon because if I kill myself then my life insurance policy becomes void.

Brb, gonna go “play” near a lightning rod.

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