An Astonishing Amount Of Brits Had No Idea What The European Union Even Is Prior To The Brexit Vote

As everyone is WELL AWARE OF by now the vote by the U.K. to leave the European Union, aka Brexit, has created quite a bit of controversy, not to mention serious economic turmoil for Great Britain since it was passed.

The British pound bottomed out, the US stock exchange went haywire and dropped 600 points, and now over 3 million people in the United Kingdom would like some sort of do-over.

Perhaps Brits could have avoided this current scenario if they had done their research BEFORE the vote. Which, according to Google search statistics AFTER the vote, it seems that many people did not do.

Reports the Mirror

Search data released by Google following the UK’s shock decision to leave the EU reveals an astonishing lack of political awareness among the British population.

According to Google, the second most popular EU-related question in the UK since the referendum result was announced in the early hours of this morning is “What is the EU?”

Other popular search terms include “What does it mean to leave the EU?”, “Which countries are in the EU”?, “What will happen now we’ve left the EU?” and “How many countries are in the EU?”.

Call me crazy, but trying to find out the answers to these VERY important questions AFTER the vote doesn’t seem like the best plan of action.

Meanwhile, searches since the referendum passed have also seen a large number of people are trying to figure out ways to now leave the U.K.

Apparently Ireland is one of the more popular destinations should folks actually decide to pull the trigger and move…

Google searches have also spiked regarding how to move to France and how to leave the U.K.

What a mess.

H/T Mirror; British flag image by Shutterstock

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