Dad At Oktoberfest In Germany Chugs Three Liters Of Beer In Seconds While Entire Tent Cheers For Him Like A Champ

This dad is a legend in my book. In a record-shattering 30-seconds, this dude just schooled an entire German beer tent how to properly throw back a beer. Three liters back-to-back to back in 32 seconds. As one of this dude’s dad friends describes it:

“Men who have been going to Ofest for >40 years swear they have never seen such a feat!  Half of the tent was cheering, “Vedo, Vedo, Vedo!!!”

What a legend. Makes everyone else look like amateurs. Also a legend: This American Bro who jumped on an Oktoberfest tent table for a chug. He is my spirit animal and motivation to get through this week.

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