Bro Does Same Epic Dance Routine In 100 Different Places, The End Result Is Mesmerizing



The Bro above getting down is Matt Bray, a Naperville, Illinois, native who maintains a YouTube channel called ProjectOneLife about “living life to the fullest and having fun,” where he goes around and films himself doing things on his bucket list. Pretty cool idea, if you ask me. Because why not live out your dreams doing cool stuff in front of millions of people on the internet?

Apparently, one of Matt’s bucket list items (#22 he states in the video’s description) was to film an epic dance montage in 100 different places, and see how it turned out.

And you know how it turned out? FIRE BURNIN’ ON THE DANCE FLOOR!!!

The end result is super mesmerizing, with Bray noting:

I did learn some pretty cool moves but I still feel I have not reached the level of dancing that would consider me good at dancing, so I am going to leave this one unchecked for now. Huge thanks to my sister for helping me walk around all day long and filming everything, it was a lot of work but she helped me create the exact video I had imagined. Also thanks to Jack and Brian for helping out with all of the Chicago shots. I worked for months on this video to find a song, make the choreography, practice the dance routine 3 times a day to make sure I had it down to muscle memory. I kept switching songs and dance moves but eventually found the perfect combination to create the exact video I had pictured in my head. Overall, I am super happy with how this video turned out and extremely excited for the rest of the videos I have planned for this year.

I beg to differ, Matt. You killed it, bro.

Bray states the name ProjectOneLife comes from the old saying “You only live once,” and his mission is to try and make the absolute best out of this awesome thing we call life. Bray’s ultimate goal is to encourage others to create their own bucket lists and hopefully motivate them to accomplish their list items, which is pretty damn inspirational.

It’s not clear if Matt’s video was inspired by one of the all-time great travel montages titled “Move,” or if he just thought of the idea out of the blue. Regardless, great execution all around.

[h/t UNILAD]

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