Bro Live-Tweets Wife’s Infuriating Four-Hour Call Attempting To Cancel Their Cell Phone Contract

We yanks all know that Comcast sucks, but did you know there’s apparently a Comcast equivalent in the UK? Yep, instead of Comcast they have Virgin Mobile, and while I can’t say for sure that VM treats its customers so poorly that they’d refuse to cancel service even after your house burns down, it seems like they’re scummy enough to make up a fake contract to keep you stuck with them like gum on the underside of your shoe. Sounds more or less like Comcast, amirite?

According to John, he and his wife had been Virgin Mobile customers for about two years, although he says the relationship was rather one-sided – “we’d pay them about £50 a month and in return they would send us lots of glossy leaflets telling us how amazing a deal we were getting whilst singularly failing to provide any kind of usable internet connection.”

It all started with a simple tweet…

…and what should’ve been a simple process quickly turned into a clusterfuck:

You see, John’s wife didn’t remember agreeing to a new contract. VM even claimed that they had a call recorded in which they had her agreeing to said contract, but refused to play it back for them:

Oh gee would you look at that, there are NO MANAGERS AVAILABLE to speak to about the 160-pound cancellation fee they’re trying to charge. What a coincidence:

The magically-appearing manager said that the letter that had gotten lost didn’t matter, because the two of them should’ve received email notification of the change of contract.

Except when John found the email in question…

After an hour and 20 minutes, Virgin Mobile had unceremoniously hung up on Mr. and Mrs. Bull.

But ‘dis shit ain’t over yet:

ANNDDDDD there goes the call. What a surprise:

Begin round 3: Clare edition.

So what did we learn here today? That persistence is a virtue? That patience pays off? That Virgin Mobile is the UK equivalent of Comcast?

Nah – always ask to speak to a manager. It helps if you’ve got this haircut too:

[H/T Metro]