PRANK: Want To Get Your Buddy To Quit Smoking? Just Put A Detonator In His Cigarette And Watch Hilarity Ensue

by 4 years ago

So simple, so hilarious. Must have watched this six times. That’s the beauty of being a scummy internet blogger, I can watch a video of a cigarette exploding over and over again and its cool because it’s my job. While you bros are producing goods and services and positively affecting the nation’s GDP, I’m over here posting about chimpanzees doing karate making my parents wish I was a blowjob.

Check this dude’s thousand mile stare on his way to work. That’s the “Not this fucking shit again” look we’ve all experienced at one point or another.

Who needs a coffee pick me up when you’ve got an explosive cigarette to get your heart racing early in the morning.

Great setup, great execution.

[h/t Mirror]