Bro Pulls Savage Valentine’s Day Prank On His Girlfriend And It’s A Wonder She Didn’t Claw His Eyes Out

Proposing on Valentine’s Day is one of the most cliché moves ever, right next to saying “I’ll be right back” then dying in a horror movie or, even more relevant, filming yourself doing some sort of stupid proposal prank on Valetine’s Day then uploading it to YouTube for everyone to see. Yeah I said it – you’re clichéd. How does that make you feel, huh? Do you feel old? Stupid? Lame? Because this prank was all of those things and then I’d even go so far as to call you guys “fame whores” considering you gave an interview to Daily Mail

…over almost completely nothing. Can I blame them though? Some people get a taste of fame and run straight to the buffet table. Me personally, I get a taste then go sit in the bathroom for 45 minutes until everyone leaves. Anonymity is a wonderful thing guys – don’t ruin having zero relevant results returned for Googling your name just for 10 seconds of Internet relevancy, it’s not worth it.