Hipster Wearing A Pair Of Skis To The Apple Store Is The Most Hipster Thing To Ever Happen In Brooklyn

Brooklyn Hipster Apple Store

Instagram / subwaycreatures

There’s no explanation for this hipster wearing a pair of skis to the new Apple Store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn other than ‘hipster is as hipster does‘, just like momma used to say. The hipster dressed like a total asshat completely starved for attention was filmed trying to go up the subway platform wearing his skis and later photographed inside of the new Brooklyn Apple Store. Something about the Apple Store makes it a hotbed for craziness. We’ve seen customers go postal, rappers lose their damn minds, and all sorts of craziness…But this Brooklyn hipster is something we haven’t seen before:

I guess is good because it means now that Brooklyn has its own Apple Store none of the hipsters need to travel into Manhattan to SoHo, the Meatpacking District store, the Upper West Side, or my favorite NYC Apple Store located inside of Grand Central (generally the best wait times)….With the hipster riff raff being contained to Williamsburg suddenly shopping at an Apple Store in NYC just became much more pleasant.

Over at Gothamist they’re trying to make comparisons between this hipster on skis trying to get attention and the beloved ‘Subway Pizza Rat‘ from over a year ago which captured the nation’s attention in his futile quest to crush some delicious ‘za…I don’t really see the parallels there but I applaud them making Pizza Rat relevant again.

…(h/t Gothamist)…