VIDEO: Bros Play Beer Pong During Blizzard On An Empty First Avenue In New York City

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Never change, New York Bros.

UPDATE: Apparently the group I filmed was NYU’s FIJI fraternity, according to a Twitter tipster:


This evening, around midnight, I witnessed something amazing unfold on First Avenue in Manhattan’s East Village. A historic blizzard caused a transportation ban starting at 11PM in New York City. The threat of a misdemeanor summons cleared vehicles from streets all across the city. Manhattan’s Avenues are unusually quiet and empty. But on First Avenue and St. Marks, one group of young Bros — college-age in their early 20s or just recently graduated — took to the empty, snowy streets for a game of beer pong.

I was able to capture the scene on video. Not going to lie, it is absolutely amazing: A few Bros  take shots on the portable table, a neighbor from a building on the block tells them to shut the hell up, and a emergency vehicles go by (they did nothing to prevent them from passing or anything dangerous). It ends in the way all good beer pong games end: With a slam dunk breaking the table. The pong dunk happens around the 3:20 mark and right afterwards an ambulance drives down the avenue with its sirens on, causing the Bros to hilariously flee. The Bro leader is quick to call them all a bunch of “pussies” when they realize it was an ambulance, not NYPD.

Except this was in the middle of 1st Avenue in New York City during the Blizzard of 2015. What an epic scene of Bro-ness.

Here’s some video I shot of the blizzard pong game on my phone before it died:

I able to get it on Instagram though before switching to my DSLR for a much longer video. Remember, dunk around the 3:20 mark, accompanied by a very Bro-tastic reaction from the group.

Here’s a GIF of the dunk:

And here is a Vine: