There’s An Instagram Called ‘Bros Being Basic’ That’s Dedicated To Making Fun Of Basic White Girls

It is an established fact that Basic Bros are just as much of a cultural phenomenon as the Basic Chick. Allow me to direct you to this article from April of this past year breaking down the many qualities of the Basic Bro. While Bravo-watching, yoga pants-wearing, Starbucks-sipping girls tend to be offended by the label “basic,” Bros tend to shrug it off or completely embrace it as just part of their lifestyle. To make fun of the basic white girls of the world, a few Bros started an Instagram account (the most basic of all social media) dedicated to Bros being basic. It’s called “Bros Being Basic.” The mockery includes many-a basic white girl behavior, including sippin’ PSLs, taking selfies at the gym, watching movies with glasses of wine, and yoga. The pics are pretty damn funny since it’s burly lumberjack-looking dudes being as basic as possible.

Here’s a few examples. I encourage you to read the hashtags, which are part of the performance art:

Respect for that man-bun game, basic Bros of the world. Follow along @brosbeingbasic:

[H/T: Uproxx]

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