A Group Of Bros Built A SICK Treehouse And Bro Down Hard By Playing ‘Goldeneye’ In It

A few weeks ago I did a post about Foster Huntington’s beautiful treehouse complex in the Pacific Northwest called “The Cindercone”. Last night a reader passed along this video tour of another treehouse that a group of craft Bros built. It’s called “The Tree Top Tavern.” It was featured on Kokatu last spring and such an impressive feat of DYI engineering deserves to be featured here on BroBible. Maybe I’m just speaking for myself, but I think every Bro with a sense of imagination dreams of building such an incredible sanctuary to hang out in.

In the spirit of video games, it reminds me of Donkey Kong’s treehouse in Donkey Kong Country. Except there’s a bar with a kegerator, more flat screens than a sports bar, and the ability to turn off the lights for a dance party. Also: THEY’RE PLAYING GOLDENYE, amongst other FPS games. I know someone playing with a KF7 Soviet when I see it.

The only thing that made me feel a tinge of sadness is this screenshot of a group of dudes nerding out hard. Fingers crossed they all got laid later that night. Actually, this raises a good question. Where does one lay pipe in this crib? Hopefully they have a dedicated smush room in this shack.

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