5 Respectable Party Moves To Pull Off For A Bro On A Budget

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The summer is quickly approaching and it’s time to start thinking about outdoor partying. Every bro knows partying in the rays of the summer sun or chilling in the moonlight are always the most memorable party moments. No one ever goes “yeah, this weather is perfect, but we should totally move the festivities into the house!”

With party weather comes party planning. Sad news though — partying isn’t cheap. It takes a nice little wad to throw a respectable bash. That’s why you’ve got to think economically and be a bro on a budget when it comes to party preparation.

It’s perfectly acceptable to go a little cheap on certain party aspects. The fine people at Natty Light want bros to embrace their frugal side, especially when it comes to booze selection. Natty Light is the best option out of the “value beers” because it offers the most fun. It’s the beer that won’t breaking the bank, leaving a little extra change in a bros pocket to put toward other party must-haves. Did you know you can rent hot tubs? Just putting that out there.

Here are a couple other areas where it’s fine to pinch a couple pennies. Saving money now means more blowouts throughout the summer months.

Keep The Guest List Small

It’s only natural to want to invite a ton of people. You want to be known as THE party bro for the 2015 summer. The only problem is more people=more drinks, food, space, everything and that adds dollars to the budget. Try and keep the guest list small. Make an A list, B list and C list of people to invite. Immediately toss the C list. Put the B list to the side. Invite the A list. Once A list people start declining, fill in with invites to B list people. Under no circumstances should you resort to the C list. They’re C list for a reason! You don’t need a bunch of C listers drinking your Natty and hammering down mini-hot dogs on your dime.

Location Is Key, Especially If It’s Free

If your backyard is looking like Where The Wild Things Are, and you’ve got zero access to a pool, consider throwing the party in a public place. Parks, beaches, community pools and open spaces usually require a permit (and maybe a small down payment) but that money will be much less than the amount of money, and time, you’ll spend cleaning up your backyard or draining your pool of all the sex juices and sweat.

Entertainment Is Important But…

This will take some explaining. Music can make or break a party BUT you don’t have to blow thousands on Steve Aoki Jr. to keep the party moving all night long. All you need is a little preparation and a friend to do you a favor. Get some big speakers, load up an iPod with killer new music and classics, and put someone in charge of the tunes. Break the music down into playlists (dance, rock, old school jams, stupid stuff) and just pay attention to the flow of the party. If it’s 1am, everyone is hammered, and looking to lose their minds, pop on the party favorites. If it’s 4am, and everyone is WIRED to the gills, throw on EDM and let people dance their face off.

Skimp On Decoration

“That party last night was INSANE! Off the fudging hook, bro! Did you see all those decorative balloons! So festive!” — said no bro, ever. Unless the party has a specific theme (Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Luau) it’s fine to go light on the balloons, streamers and stuff you can’t eat, drink or snort. If you’re party doesn’t need a theme, don’t give it a theme. No one needs an extra reason to party their face off on a nice summer day. “Well, I wanted to go to that party, but there was no theme. You know how much I love themes!” — also never uttered by anyone except crazy people.

Ask People To Bring Stuff

People often feel guilty going to a party and no contributing SOMETHING. ANYTHING. “Let me bring SOMETHING!” they’ll beg. Fine. Bring food. Food helps. Tell them to bring anything they’d want to eat. If you don’t trust them around food, ask for small things like plates, cups, cutlery, napkins, paper towels and BOOZE! “Want to contribute? Grab a couple Natty Light cases on your way over.” Because you can never have enough beer. Trust us.

Now with all the money you saved, plan for the next big bash. Just get some sleep first. You look like hell.

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