Buffalo Wild Wings Now Has A Wing Sauce That’s Made Of Mountain Dew

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Bros love wings. Bros love trips to Buffalo Wild Wings. Bros love trying new things.

“Try everything once” is a good mantra to live by when it comes to radical food combinations. Without a little YOLO in the dining-out experience, we’d never have things like the Black Whooper, Cap’N Crunch donut holes, or tacos with crispy fried chicken shells.

Last week Buffalo Wild Wings announced a new wing sauce that’s a throwback to playing video games all night in your best friend’s basement: Mountain Dew Zesty Citrus Sauce. It’s a mix of Mountain Dew, lemongrass, ginger, soy sauce, and red peppers and will be unveiled at B-dubs locations on December 14. The limited-time menu add is a throwback to this past summer when Buffalo Wild Wings added a Fireball Whisky-flavored sauce to their menu to spice things up.

But this is nothing new — using the reduction from a soda (or, hell — a liquor) to make a wing sauce isn’t really all that uncommon. Coke wings have been around forever and wings made with whiskey sauces (Like Jameson or Jack Daniels and, yes, Fireball) are as mainstream as it gets at many of my favorite indie wing spots around New York City.

[H/T: The Daily Meal, pic via Foodbeast]

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