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Now I completely understand that technically this is a front loader fight, but I guarantee that not everybody is so construction savvy and knows what a front loader is. Plus “bulldozer fight” sounds way cooler.

We take you to northern China where construction workers did what every construction worker has wanted to do: have a fight using heavy machinery! Apparently, the workers from rival construction companies that were competing for business at a specific job site. One thing lead to another and they decided to settle their differences like men, with a FIERCE FRONT LOADER FIGHT!

The two men fought each other by using the two front loaders in a demolition derby-style clash. This is as close as a normal person can get to having a mech war. The winner made short work of his opponent by tossing the other tractor to the ground thanks to his mighty bucket.

I haven’t been this excited about construction vehicles since I got the Long Haul Transformers toy to add to my Constructicon collection and form Devastator.

If machines fighting in China isn’t your thing, here’s a Canadian street fight.

MMA Fighter Knocked Out In A Second