Bullied Bro Goes From ‘Skinny Weakling’ To Having Schwarzenegger-Esque Guns For Arms And Insane Instagram Following



21-year-old Zac Aynsley was once the skinny little twig you see in the above photo, bullied constantly and having panic attacks as well as anxiety on the regular. “My whole life, I have always been put down and told I was a loser” he says in an interview with Mirror, “I was badly bullied and cried countless times because people would laugh at me for the way I looked.”

Rather than accept this way of life as permanent, three years ago Zac decided it was time to make a change in order to overcome his confidence issues. Hitting the gym, Zac finally started seeing results after months of training, but it wasn’t until a graphic designer in the fitness industry contacted him that his life really went on an upswing:

“In August 2013, a guy from Singapore contacted me on Facebook, he’d seen my photos and said I had insane potential.

“He worked as a graphic designer in the fitness industry and invited me over to Las Vegas for a shoot.

“I went with the intention of having one photo shoot, but when I was there, they asked me to do six more with some of the most famous photographers in America.

“They also introduced me to the best guys in the fitness industry – Jay Culter, Phil Heath and even Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“Arnie was a great guy, he told me I looked amazing, and had great arms. Just to hear that from someone I admired so much, was incredible.

“For years I had people telling me I was worthless, but here was The Terminator telling me I looked great. It meant the world to me.”(via)

Zac now works out for an hour every day and eats a protein-heavy meal every two to three hours. While it may seem daunting, his regiment has rewarded him with a healthy bunch of Instagram followers, currently counting in at over 290,000:

“When I started my social media accounts, my followers grew daily which was flattering but eventually it grew so big that I had offers of sponsorship,” Zac reveals.

“I had huge protein companies, clothing brands and gyms lining up offering me thousands of pounds to help promote their products.

“It’s hard to believe a few years ago I was on £40 a week being a DJ and now I get paid four figure sums for photo shoots, posts on my Instagram and Twitter, and for showing up at gyms just to train and speak to clients.”(via)

As for his most surreal moment during the whirlwind of sudden fame he’s experiencing, Zac says that “once a male Hollywood movie star offered me £750,000 to sleep with him. I honestly thought he was joking, but then he went into detail and told me he wanted to film it. I was in shock.” And while Zac’s main goal clearly isn’t money, he says he wants to help others out there who might be struggling with the same bullying, anxiety or depression he went through in his younger years.

Admirable Bro all around, and you can’t deny it – whatever he’s doing, works:

[H/T Mirror]

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