Burger King Is Bringing Back the Best Item in Fast Food History

by 4 years ago


Chicken. Fries.

That’s right. That’s right. They are back. Look, I am firmly in the ‘fast food is gross’ camp. I never eat a burger because who knows what sauce they slop on. And how old the lettuce is. Then nuggets got ruined for me with the whole ‘pink goop’ viral story.

There was nothing left. Except for a mirage. A figment. Of what once was, and what could be. Burger King Chicken Fries. A sliver of chicken, dipped in oil. Impossible to be tampered with. Impossible to be ruined.

Except Burger King did just that, discontinuing them in 2012. Where are my chicken fries, I thought. I want chicken fries, I yearned.

To nothing. To a void. To an unforgiving Lord.

Today, Burger King announced the chicken fries are back. This is me. And you. And everyone.

Pure delight. The news, of course, was delivered by tweet.


You can get them today. And if you don’t think they are the best food ever, get some. Dip them in Ranch. Die happy.

[Image via Burger King]

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