Burger King Is Fixing Onion Rings By Replacing The Crappy Onion Part With Something Much More Delicious


Burger King

Quick question: What’s the shittiest part of the onion ring? Ha, that’s easy. It ain’t the crunchy breading or the zesty dipping sauce. It’s the onion. Typically soggy, chewy, lacking piquancy. It’s a far cry from any of the enjoyable things an onion is. It certainly can be good, when done right, but pretty much all the time, everyone fucks it up.

So, instead of trying to properly bread and cook the onion, Burger King just got rid of it. Now, it’s breading stuffed with chicken.

That’s right, chicken rings.

From Burger King’s release, announcing they’ve solved the world’s problems:

BURGER KING® restaurants are reinventing the wheel with the introduction of Chicken Fries Rings – Chicken Fries in the shape of a circle are available for a limited time. Chicken Fries Rings are the optimal shape for dipping and gives Chicken Fries’ devoted followers a new way to enjoy their favorite snack.

You’re damn right they are in the optimal shape for dipping. Think how much sauce you could get on those bad boys. Then, after a bite, even more sauce.

A six pack will only set you back three bucks.

I will eat them.


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