Burger King Hired Snoop Dogg To Star In A Bizarre Training Video On Teaching Employees How To Grill Hot Dogs

It’s a sad day for Burger King employees everywhere as today marks the day upper management came out to say “Hey guys, y’all are clearly too stupid to figure out how to cook hot dogs on your own, so here’s Snoop Dogg to explain it to you because we’re out of touch and that’s who all the cool kids model themselves after, right?”

In reality I understand that all franchises use training videos, no matter how mundane the activity – but Snoop Dogg? Really? You shelled out thousands of dollars so he would take the time to sit down and talk about hot dogs for 90 seconds? Riiiiiight. This is really just a marketing ploy on behalf of Burger King to get people hyped for their new line of hot dogs, except Burger King fucked up in not realizing that hot dogs aren’t fucking magical logs of meat that people get pumped over. Maybe ratchet-ass overpass dwellers who consider BK to be “gourmet” would be excited, but the average human being? Nah. A hot dog is the epitome of mystery meat, and when you combine mystery meat with fast food which is already questionable in terms of its contents, you get…well, I don’t know.

Only time will tell if adding hot dogs to their menu pays off.