California Teen Wins The Lottery TWICE In One Week AND I’M SO HAPPY FOR HER I COULD PUNCH A WALL!

How’s your day going, bro? Sitting idly in your cube, punching on a keyboard, working for the betterment of a company you have zero stake in, as your life shortens second by second? You are not alone. Wouldn’t it be nice to win a hefty chunk of money so you could take a couple years off, recharge, travel the world, enjoy life?

Well, for almost all of us, that gift horse will never come bucking. So stop reading this and keep trucking along with those TPS reports MMMKay?

But for one 19-year-old California girl, that gift horse came bucking and then birthed a mini pony in her presence. So, for those scoring at home, that’s a total of two gift horses.

Rosa Dominguez hit BIG on two scratch tickets within one week of each other at different convenience stores.

Dominguez was recently driving home from Arizona when she decided to make a pit-stop at a gas station in Paso Robles, California. She picked up a $5 Power 5’s ticket that would prove to be the best decision she’s ever made. Dominguez had won the top prize–$555,555.

“I was so nervous I just wanted to cry,” she told the California Lottery.

But just a half mill wasn’t enough for the millennial. She stopped at another gas station near her home to pick up a $5 Lucky Fortune Scratcher only to find out she won the top prize again of $100,000.

$655,000. Have a fucking week.

As for what the 19-year-old wants to do with the money, she said she wants to donate it to fund clean water in third world countries  go shopping and buy a new car.

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[h/t California Lottery]