Cannibal ‘Breaking Bad’ Fanatic Dissolved Body In Bath Of Acid Of Police Officer He Ate And Had Sex With

Remember that crazy scene from the fictional television show Breaking Bad where they dissolved a fake body in a bathtub?

Yeah, well some fucking lunatic who is obsessed with the make-believe TV show was inspired to use the same acid bath method of dissolving a body of a police officer that he murdered.

I must warn you, the details of this grisly crime are absolutely nauseating, so proceed with caution and a strong stomach.

Sadomasochist Stefano Brizzi is on trial for the murder of police officer Gordon Semple in Great Britain. Brizzi, 50, allegedly met Semple, 59, on the gay dating site Grindr and invited him back to his apartment for “sleazy, dirty sex” last April. Apparently, the two hit it off and were having sex when Brizzi strangled him to death. The defense states that Semple died accidentally during a “sex game gone wrong.”

Other men from Grindr were invited to the sex fest including one man referred to as “CD.”

“When CD pressed the entry buzzer, someone who can only have been the defendant replied over the intercom, ‘We are having a situation here. Someone fell ill but we’re taking care of it. So our party is canceled’. CD turned around and went home,” prosecutor Crispin Aylett told jurors.

Brizzi then dismembered Semple’s body, but was then inspired by Breaking Bad to dissolve it in a bath of acid. There is video of Brizzi buying the necessary supplies, including the all-important plastic containers that Jesse Pinkman so foolishly forgot.

After Semple’s partner failed to contact him on his phone, he reported him missing.

While in the custody after his arrest, Brizzi, who allegedly was a user of crystal meth and referred to it as “Nutella,” allegedly said, “I thought I was getting away with it. I had nearly finished but I took a shot (of crystal meth). I was going to finish the job today.”

Hey nutbag, Breaking Bad is a TV show, stop trying to be Walter White, you sir are no Walter White.

Police were alerted to the horrific scene “because of the stench” and “revolting smell” coming from Brizzi’s apartment in south London. Brizzi allegedly told officers during his arrest, “I am from a Catholic family so when I found I was gay, I found out I was from Satan. I loved crystal meth and wanted to meet someone who talked about Satan.”

DNA from the alleged victim was found on the blade of a blender, cooking pot, chopsticks, chopping board and grease in the oven of the 50-year-old Italian’s kitchen. Investigators also found bite marks on a piece of bone recovered from the kitchen bin at Brizzi’s home and evidence that one of his legs had been burned. Prosecutors claimed Brizzi could have grated his victim’s flesh before eating it. This all points that Brizzi was probably also a cannibal and ate parts of his victim’s body.

Semple’s head was found at the apartment, but the maniac flushed the lungs down the toilet, and body matter was recovered from drainpipes in Brizzi’s block. One of the officers looked inside a bin on the floor of the den of death and saw a human hand and part of a spine. A human foot, possibly from Semple, was discovered on the banks of the Thames River.

Brizzi told the court that he had HIV and had been told by Satan to “kill, kill, kill.”

He also attempted to defend himself by saying, “As you can see, this man was a very big man and all I have left is two buckets.”

Brizzi denies murder but has admitted obstructing a coroner by dismembering and disposing of the body.

This is the second murder by cannibals in as many days, (You can read the other gruesome story here) can we please end this heinous streak.