Domino Effect After A Car Swerves Into Another Car’s Lane Results In A Buggy Flipping A Pickup Truck

So high-key that was entirely the fault of the guy on the black Escalade. Guy just swerved with no regard for where he was going. Guy was just Helen Keller-ing it all over the highway. And then he just jets the fuck out of there. If that guy drove any faster, he probably would have popped a wheelie. Honestly, I feel worse for the dude in the buggy. That driver’s probably sitting in his car assuming that he just killed the people in the pickup. Having all kinds of mental flashes about the carnage he just caused and the families that he has torn apart. Not even the guy’s fault. Now he’ll never be able to sleep without remembering the sound the hood of his car made as it collided with the other guy’s wheel. All because some dude in a black Escalade merged without looking.