This Is What It Looks Like When A Car With A Zero-Star Safety Rating Crashes Straight Into A Wall

If you ever get sick of being told to wear a seatbelt or hearing “M’am, you cannot drive using your feet so you can eat a cheeseburger with your hands,” watch this video as a reminder that death <<<<<< not death, which also means that safety >>>>> not safety. According to Mirror, the above crash test was performed on a Renault KWID, a car mainly sold in India. Featuring only a driver side airbag, the collision shows the car being absolutely crushed as it hits a wall at 64 mph.

As of March 2016 the Renault KWID reportedly scored a 0/17 for adult safety and a 23.89/49 for child safety. So if you’re looking for a good way to kill yourself so your family gets the life insurance money, THIS IS YOUR TICKET TO HELL.

[H/T Mirror]