How To Perfectly Carve A Pumpkin Into A Jack-O-Lantern In Under 30 Seconds Using A 60,000psi Waterjet Cutter

Having the right tools on hand makes everything easier, even carving pumpkins into Jack-O-Lanterns for Halloween. The tool we’re talking about in this instance is a waterjet cutter with 60k psi, a device that could easily set you back tens of thousands of dollars, and one that is most certainly not designed for carving pumpkins. But just because it’s not built to carve pumpkins it doesn’t mean that this waterjet cutter isn’t the PERFECT method of carving pumpkins, because it is.

In the clip above the Waterjet Channel carves the perfect Jack-O-Lanter in under 30 seconds…Yes, there’s an entire YouTube channel dedicated to carving things with the 60,000psi waterjet cutter. In fact, there’s another video on their channel you bros will be interested in: carving the PERFECT Harambe pumpkin using the waterjet cutter.

The finished products are just magnificent:

…(h/t Sploid)…

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