Cashier Robbed At Gunpoint DGAF About The Gun In His Face, Handles It Like A Champ

I’ve never been robbed at gunpoint, but if I ever have that misfortune I hope I handle it as cool as this cat. He’s a Jimmy John’s cashier, and the security camera capture a gun being waved around in his face as he was robbed by a customer.

It started like every Jimmy John’s interaction, with the making of a sandwich. But the customer quickly shifted gears and pulled a gun out of his hoodie at this Kansas City Jimmy John’s location, and he demanded all of that $$$$$ in the cash register.

Instead of panicking like a normal human being as the suddenly hostile customer was waving the gun around and shoving it in the guy’s face, the sandwich artist kept his cool. He showed the dead energy of someone who has been making sandwiches for unappreciative assholes for the past decade. He pulled that cash out of the register, disinterested look on his face, and passed it over like it was just another transaction.

This man is my new spirit animal.