Cheapest Dude Ever Asks For His Money Back After Taking A Girl Out For A Coffee Date



A couple months ago, a text exchange went viral after a guy got shut down after a date, then asked her to pay for her drink from earlier that night. The guy came across as super creepy in the texts, then acted like a huge ballbaby when texting girl who wasn’t interested. All over a $7 drink he went out of pocket for.

This lad’s exchange is even more awkward, though it’s pretty much the same thing. He wants money for a coffee after taking a girl who hit him back with a similar “not interested” reply. IT’S A CUP OF COFFEE, YOU CHEAPSKATE. ASKING SOMEONE OUT TO COFFEE AND PAYING FOR THEIR CUP IS LIKE THE SIMPLEST GESTURE IN THE WORLD.

Dude, that’s the tax for dating, asshole. Let her donate those couple of bucks to charity if you really want to be an asshole about it and chalk it up for a loss.

Some people have some nerve…





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