This Bro Dropped The Best Response When His Cheating Ex-Girlfriend Asked Him For A Second Chance

Being cheated on sucks. Especially if you still love the person. Hell, even if you’re already checked out of the relationship, it still stings to learn that you’re not bulletproof; that maybe you can’t go through relationships on autopilot. Which also sucks, because actually listening to how someone’s day was is right up there with being water-boarded.

But sometimes all the shattered confidence that comes with being cheated on is restored when your ex comes crawling back asking for another title shot. It’s like receiving a confirmation of what you already knew. That, of course, is that you’re a top-drawer motherfucker…and maybe the guy she left you for has unmanageable halitosis and stinky jizz. Whatever the case may be, the universe has righted itself and now you have a decision to make.

Do I take this idiot back now that she finally came to her senses? Or do I have some self-respect and tell her to get fucked in the best way possible?

This bro below chose the latter. And I don’t think he’s going to regret it.


[H/T Mandatory]