Cheating Woman Busted By Both Boyfriends In Sinister Fake Proposal

by 1 year ago

What an emotional moment for this young lady. One minute her boyfriend is on one knee proposing to spend the rest of their lives together in matrimonial bliss, the next she is being exposed as a no-good cheating woman.

Two men found out they were “dating” the same girl so they cooked up this scheme of revenge to get back at her trifling ass. The one boyfriend went to her job at a restaurant and proposed to her. The cheater gets so excited, her dreams of getting that special diamond ring are coming true right before her eyes! The girl, who is a waitress, anxiously waits for her man to pop the question. Then in walks her sidedude!

Then in walks boyfriend #2 to interrupt the proposal!

The cheating chick pretends to not know boyfriend #2.

Then he erupts: “You had two good men! Two good fucking men! You fucked it up!”

The gig is up.

The woman gets embarrassed in front of all her coworkers and restaurant patrons. She runs out of the restaurant in tears.

This is how you do revenge.

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