Chick’s Evil Facebook Rant About A Bar Patron’s Heart Attack Ruining Her NYE Gets The Backlash It Deserves


I’m not sure it is possible to be more self-important, ill-willed, petty, and entitled than this chick who took to Facebook to voice her disdain for an Indianapolis pub who “ruined” her New Year’s Eve after attending to a patron who was having a heart attack rather than cater to her needs as a “paying customer.”

Holly Jones, a hairstylist from Indianapolis, was celebrating New Year’s Eve with a group of friends at Indianapolis’ Kilroy’s Bar & Grill when a 70 year old woman dining at the bar with her husband and son had a heart attack. When paramedics arrived soon thereafter, the woman went into cardiac arrest.

Tough shit for her right? Welp, that was Holly’s mentality, who made such a stink about sorting out her bill that the server started to cry.

I’ll let Holly take it from here.

facebook rant

Chris Burton, the manager of Kilroy’s Bar & Grill, was made aware of the situation and urged Holly to never step foot in his establishment again.

facebook rant 2

As the incident began to pick up steam and go viral, Holly’s place of employment weighed in on the matter, releasing the below statement.

facebook rant 3

A GoFundMe Page has been set up for the woman who had a heart attack and has already garnered $3,515. According to Uproxx, the woman remains unconscious in the ICU.

As for Holly Jones, she made up some bullshit about her account being hacked and denied involvement in the incident.

[h/t Uproxx]

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