Chick Hits Man With Barrage Of Punches On Spring Break And He Refuses To Fight Back

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We’re taught to never hit girls. But what happens when the girls are hitting you? Your instincts are to defend yourself, but you’re never to hit girls. What is the correct course of action when you are being viciously attacked by a female? If a man attacked you, you would most likely retaliate. So if you don’t retaliate when a woman does the same action as a man does that technically make you a sexist? That option does not make you more of a man and could possibly land you in jail. Do you wrap your arms around her to stop her from being able to hit you and allow the woman to calm down? Or do you take the hits? That latter option is the one this gentleman took and he got smashed with a barrage of punches.

These individuals are on spring break and apparently the guy called the girl a “pussy.” She took exception to being called genitalia and confronted him. She then throws a hail of punches at his face and connects.

He loses his sunglasses, but remains unfazed. He keeps his composure despite being attacked and nonchalantly strolls away from her. Nevertheless, she persisted. This lady continued to assault the man from behind as they walk down the hallway.

Despite being battered, the man never raised his fist in anger and didn’t even spill a drop of his beverage.

This was probably the right move to walk away from the situation and not get into a physical altercation with a girl.

If only this guy had a Pepsi to defuse the violent situation.