Buffalo Chicken Wing-Flavored Donuts Are Now And Thing In New York City (…For A Limited Time Only!)

Three of my greatest passions in life: Devouring delicious spicy foods, Phish, and donuts. All three things of those wonderful things are coming together in New York City over the next few weeks, with Phish playing a donut-themed Bakers Dozen at Madison Square Garden, the greatest arena in the damn land.

The donuts at Madison Square Garden are being made by Philadelphia’s Federal Donuts, one of America’s all-time great donut chains. Meanwhile, NYC’s The Doughnut Project teamed up with First We Feast to make a pastry out of their signature hot sauce, Hot Ones Fiery Chipotle. The result is a the world’s spiciest deep-fried pastry.

“What if you turned a chicken wing into a doughnut?” These are the type of hot questions that get us fired up around First We Feast HQ, so when The Doughnut Project in NYC came to us with the crazy idea of creating a pastry with Hot Ones Fiery Chipotle, we were intrigued. The delicious result of their mad-scientist experimentation features hot sauce-infused frosting, crispy chicken skin, and blue-cheese crumble. Watch Sean Evans get his first taste-test of the doughnut, then get your hands on it yourself: The Hot Ones Doughnut will be on sale for one day only—National Chicken Wing Day—this Saturday, 29.

It looks as delicious as it sounds. I must try it.

Here’s how you get it.

Mmmm… Spicy donuts. Still not as spicy as that 7/25/2017 Lawn Boy:

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