VAGINAS: Watch These Chicks Describe Their Hoo Hoos To A Sketch Artist Then Try To Pick Theirs Out Of A Line Up

Top 5 Quotes:

  1. *pulls down pants* “oooooooo been a while”
  2. *describing lips* “Looks like two string cheese”
  3. “Oh my God, it’s like, it’s like a pistachio.”
  4. “Have you ever had a dried peach?”
  5. “When I’m walking around you don’t see the fun inside stuff.”

MY TURN!! ūüôā

“Have you ever seen the movie¬†Anaconda?¬†Great movie. Just making small talk, though. So here goes, it’s like a Bic pen cap. With chicken pox. In a jungle of dark tumbleweed. Hasn’t been touched by someone else in three months. I miss my ex girlfriend.”


my penis

Pretty much.