VAGINAS: Watch These Chicks Describe Their Hoo Hoos To A Sketch Artist Then Try To Pick Theirs Out Of A Line Up

Top 5 Quotes:

  1. *pulls down pants* “oooooooo been a while”
  2. *describing lips* “Looks like two string cheese”
  3. “Oh my God, it’s like, it’s like a pistachio.”
  4. “Have you ever had a dried peach?”
  5. “When I’m walking around you don’t see the fun inside stuff.”


“Have you ever seen the movie Anaconda? Great movie. Just making small talk, though. So here goes, it’s like a Bic pen cap. With chicken pox. In a jungle of dark tumbleweed. Hasn’t been touched by someone else in three months. I miss my ex girlfriend.”


my penis

Pretty much.

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