Brawl In China Is The ‘Royal Rumble’ Of Street Fights: Flying Kung-Fu Kicks, Swinging Chair Attacks, Broken Bricks

China Street Fight

YouTube / паліцыя

This is 100% THE CRAZIEST street fight I’ve ever seen in China, though it’s really more of a brawl than a fight because there’s a ton of people involved. It’s got swinging chair attacks. Guys are using bricks like rolls of quarters in their hands. At some point I watched a dude run in with a flying Kung-Fu kick straight out of Mortal Kombat. With all this in mind I do want to advise that this is a fairly graphic street fight, as far as these things go, and you should know that you’ll be seeing some injuries in this video:

I’ve watched this 37-second clip about five times now and I’m still having trouble processing the fact that this took place in real life. This looks more like something you’d see in a Hollywood film, and the weapons were straight out of a WWE cage match. The speed with which these people went completely savage is blowing my mind, and I now have a completely different perspective on China. That said, let’s watch two fight highlights in GIF, shall we?


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