Colorado Is Offering $1 Joints For Black Friday Just To Prove How Much Cooler They Are Than The Rest Of Us

Unless you’ve been living in a cave I’m sure you’re aware that weed is completely legal in the state of Colorado for recreational usage if you’re old enough. Apparently though the state of Colorado didn’t think the rest of the nation was envious enough and this year for Black Friday one weed dispensary will be offering a $1 joint special.

Look, we get it Colorado, you’re better. Not only were you just ranked the most beautiful state in the nation, but now you have to throw your fun and legal party drugs in our face too?!

ANIMAL New York reports:

This Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, stores around the country will be open for marathon hours and offer mega-sales, but only one will be offering joints for one dollar according to Stuff. For residents of Denver, Colorado, where weed is legal, the possibility of waiting in line for holiday deals on ganja is a reality.

Denver’s pot shop, Grass Station, is making moves to get holiday dollars just like any other retailer. In addition to the cheap joints, they’ll be offering sixteen customers an ounce of marijuana for $50 (80 percent off) and $15 vape-pen cartridges (half off). While some retailers are keeping low key, the owner of Grass Station, Ryan Fox says, “Now we’ve got the legal means for people to give marijuana as a gift, and that’s never really been something that was feasible in the past.” Taking advantage of the opportunity for a weed pun, Fox adds “we have really high expectations.”

More from STUFF:

Colorado’s almost 300 legal marijuana sellers have more to worry about than just enticing customers with discounts. The industry is grappling with 500 pages of regulation and myriad marketing restrictions. There’s also concern that the federal government still sees the trade as illegal, even if officials are looking the other way for now.

Outdoor advertising, billboards and most mass marketing for marijuana are prohibited, said Mike Elliott, executive director of the Marijuana Industry Group, a trade association representing 30 owners with 200 store licenses.

For that reason, many marijuana sellers have been hesitant to do a holiday marketing blitz.

“We haven’t spent much time thinking about the holidays,” he said.

“We spend our time focusing on compliance.

Sam Kamin, a University of Denver law professor who tracks the industry, said he’s not sure how big the post-Thanksgiving sales surge will be. Black Friday may not even beat a weekend in August when the jam band Phish came to town. Still, there are plenty of signs of the market’s budding sophistication – and that includes holding more promotions.

“Christmas sales, day-after-Thanksgiving sales, your- family-is-in-town-and-you-need-something-to-get-you-through sales?” Kamin said.

“None of that would surprise me now that the industry has come out into the open. I would expect to see the industry behaving like any others to the extent that it can.”

On the Green Mile, marijuana stores range from sober names like Colorado Wellness Inc. to playful monikers such as Ganja Gourmet, Sticky Buds and the Green Depot. The establishments don’t look much different on the outside than the antique shops, pet stores and cafes next door. Just swap wood-brown colour schemes for green.

I don’t even love smoking weed, but I’m still sitting here and wondering why the hell I’m not living in Colorado right now. This year for 4/20, the unofficial stoner holiday, I was fortunate enough to go out to Colorado for the High Times Cannabis Cup, and I never wanted to leave.

Not because of the weed, but because of the absolutely breathtaking natural beauty you see everywhere you turn in Colorado. That said, I did a pretty extensive review of the weed I sampled while I was there and you can check that out here.


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