Colorblind Dad Can Barely Keep From Crying In Front Of His Kids When He Sees True Color For The First Time

If you bros have been following my blogs so far this week you might’ve noticed by now that I’m on a bit of an inspirational and ‘all the feels’ kick. It’s all a coincidence, but for whatever reason I’ve been gravitating towards the ‘feel good’ / ‘holy hell that was amazing’ / ‘who’s cutting them damn onions?’ content the past few days, and today I’m right back up on that horse and bringing you ALL THE FEELS. The video above shows a red/green colorblind father seeing true color for the very first time. For his birthday, his sister and girlfriend pooled together their money (and money from a GoFundMe) and they gave Ken the gift of true color. His older brother is the person filming this video, and this is what you’re watching: for the first time in his life this man is seeing his daughter’s blue eyes.

Thankfully he’s wearing the EnChroma glasses and we can’t see the massive tears welling up, because when that happens then I’d get all choked up, and then the bros sitting in the room would laugh at me for crying…until I sent them this video and explained that a colorblind father just saw his daughter’s baby blue eyes for the very firs time thanks to the incredible EnChroma Glasses, and then the bros laughing at me for crying would get all choked up, and before you know it everyone in this goddamn office would be crying, watching this dad see color for the first time while trying to keep it together in front of his children. ALL THE FEELS.

As for how the glasses work, and how a colorblind person who’s never seen the entire color spectrum can suddenly see the entire ROYGBIV spectrum by putting on a pair of glasses, here’s how they work:

And as I stated before, I’ve been on an ‘all the feels!’ kick all week long, so here’s a few more things I’ve posted from the past few days that’ll keep those good feelings rolling:

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[Video via Jukin Media]