This EMT Bro’s Story Of Saving A Woman After She Was Stabbed 32 Times By Her Ex Has The Best Ending

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On Monday at the greatest stadium in all of baseball, Tropicana Field, and EMT proposed to a woman he met three years ago. Cameron Hill (40) first met Melissa Dohme (23) back in 2012 when Cameron was a first responder to the scene where Melissa had been stabbed 32 times in the face and neck by her ex-boyfriend, a scene that Cameron Hill would later describe as “the most gruesome he had seen in his 17-year career.” Flash forward to this week and Cam popped the question after Melissa threw out the first pitch on Monday before a game between the Tampa Bay Rays and the New York Yankees.

After Melissa tossed out the ceremonial first pitch Cameron rushed out to meet her on the mound, handing her a baseball with ‘Will you marry me?’ scribbled in red marker. I was actually watching this live, but at the time nobody knew the couple’s back story, and as details have emerged about their incredible relationship I felt the need to share it with you bros today. But first, here are some pics from the Melissa Dohme’s ceremonial first pitch:

When Melissa Dohme was attacked by an ex-boyfriend in 2012, an EMT named Cameron Hill came to her rescue and helped save…

Posted by Tampa Bay Rays on Monday, May 11, 2015

As one of the 25 known Tampa Bay Rays fans in the world, I truly love when my team’s in the news for something other than crappy attendance (btw, we’re 2 games above .500 right now and 2nd in the division). This is just a great story of a great person meeting another great person, under horrific circumstances, but coming together over time.

The Daily Mail reports:

Dohme, 23, looked surprised when Hill walked up to the mound to greet her and then he dropped to one knee and showed her the baseball.
An elated Dohme said yes, and the crowd went wild.
In January 2012 Hill had responded to a 911 call after Dohme’s former boyfriend Robert Lee Burton Jr. had stabbed her 32 times in the face and neck.
Burton Jr. was sentenced to life in prison without parole after pleaded guilty to attempted murder in October 2013.
Dohme’s story is a miraculous tale of survival after she lived against the odds, only to fall in love with the paramedic who came to save her following the horrific assault.
Hill said the sight of the young woman drenched in blood with stab wounds to her hands, arms, face and head was the most gruesome he had seen in his 17-year career.

The top comment on the picture gallery shared on the Tampa Bay Rays’ Facebook Page really just drives home how special of a story this is:

“I am sooo happy for them. Cameron is the perfect man for her. He was a first responder when she was attacked and helped save her life, he knows all the struggles she has had and has recovering and he showed her that she could trust men and even fall in love. Melissa is my daughter-by-love/choice. Just so happy right now! Melissa is the daughter of my dear friend and neighbor. We all are like family.”


Some bros are just better than others, and this first responder EMT is a better man than most.

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