#ComcastCaresDay Is A Great Cause, But Hashtag Gets Hijacked By Pissed Off Customers And Completely Backfires

There is no shortage of negative press about Comcast. However, the cable giant attempted to show that they are a philanthropic corporation who cares. On Saturday, tens of thousands of Comcast NBCUniversal employees volunteered to give back to their communities on the 15th annual Comcast Cares Day. They revitalize schools, clean up playgrounds and improving after-school centers. That’s awesome. The cable conglomerate rolled out the hashtag #ComcastCaresDay, and it started to trend on Twitter, but not for all the tremendous charity, but rather for people to shit on Comcast.

Comcast haters hijacked the hashtag to spout their vitriol against the cable company.

Talk about all-time social media backfire.