Comedian Artie Lange Arrested For Heroin And Cocaine

A sad, but not surprising story is coming out of New Jersey as comedian Artie Lange was arrested on charges of drug possession outside his Hoboken home. The former Howard Stern sidekick was arrested on Sunday after police found cocaine, heroin, and drug paraphernalia in Lange’s possession while he was in his car in the parking garage of his home in Hoboken.

The 49-year-old, who had several bags of heroin and cocaine, was booked on three separate charges then released.

Lange admitted that he was arrested on his Twitter, and even managed to plug his upcoming show at the Funnybone.

Lange also said that he was let go by HBO, where he was recently featured on the new series “Crashing.”

Lange then wished his deceased father a birthday shoutout.

Lange has had a history of drug addiction and was hospitalized in 2010 after an apparent suicide attempt.

Let’s hope that Artie gets his life together.