Cop In San Bernardino While Walking Evacuees To Safety: ‘I’ll Take A Bullet Before You, That’s For Damn Sure’

by 3 years ago

As a youthful hellraiser, I often ran afoul of the law, and subsequently developed a hatred for all law enforcement. Being arrested three times’ll do that to you.

I was also at Virginia Tech when the shooting there happened in 2007. For two weeks after it, cops were a constant presence of campus. Everywhere. It was an awful time, and I remember being relieved every single time I saw them.

They were there because they genuinely wanted to make sure all of us felt safe. And we did.

It was a wonderful, amazing, hopeful, uplifting feeling that welled up inside me every time — the good there, the heart these people had in a dark time — and it was so contrary to how I typically viewed police.

Cops in America these days are getting very fair scrutiny for actions that are wrong and unjustifiable. And I will be the first to say they deserve the harshest of microscopes.

But it’s not impossible to hold two competing theories in your head and remember that there are people who join the force to help, and that when they are called up, can react in ways that will make you well up.

Here’s the full video from the snippet above of a police officer leading evacuees out of a building during the San Bernardino shooting.


[Via KCPP]

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